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Say goodbye to that 'white diaper' look on your floor and hello to the chicest and most durable pad for your pad! Metro Pads® are the only leak-proof designer training pads with three unique, non-toxic metallic designs and six layers of quick-dry absorption - more than any other on the market. With a built-in powerful attractant, Metro Pads also come with free adhesive stickers, so you can completely customize your pup's experience based on wherever he/she tends to go. Available in cases of 60 and 120 pads (pictured: case of 60).


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Super stylish potty pads that don't look like something you see in the doctor's office! They are really absorbent and I love the hip designs. The stickers are convenient allowing lots of flexibility as to where you lay the pads. Very pleased with my Metro Pads!

Metro Pads®

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