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Description: The 681 Math Flash Cards set for First Grade through Sixth Grade learning includes all facts 0-12 for addition, multiplication, division and 0-17 for subtraction, +16 bonus facts. Comes with twenty-two (22) teaching methods and twenty-two (22) fun learning games. Has full addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division charts for reference. Premium, jumbo-sized (3.1” x 5.2”) cards make it the best learning tool for home schooling or just for practice. Our unique visual aids on the back of the card help children clearly understand table concepts. An exclusive tab system also organizes and sorts cards that are mastered vs. unmastered.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: These math flash cards are great for visual learners!  The series spans various levels so the bundle will last for some time as your students masters their math concepts. 

For ages 4-12

Math Flash Cards Bundle


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