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Cute and cuddly, the Marshfellows live in a Marshmallowy world that's on the verge of being S'MORED by the chocolate and graham cracker countries. After years of separation between the other delicious kingdoms, the Marshfellow Prince embarks on an epic quest with an arrogant Chocolate Unicorn and a double-sided Graham Cracker Bear to bring order back to his once peaceful and cuddly kingdom. On their journey they'll deal with MarshVampires, Frankenfellow monstrosities, and of course try to stop the onslaught of the invading Zombie Marshfellow horde. The Zombiefellows are way too toasted and our Prince must find his father, who has been absent for a long time looking for the old magical fires and the mysterious Stick of Roasting to stop the dark, evil force that none of the homeless wizards know enough about. Every step of the way the Prince and his friends will have to deal with the fact that they're merely soft, delicate dessert food, no older than adolescents, living in an increasingly terrifying world of epic candy propositions. Like their quest to fend off monsters, our kids will combat the REAL fears of growing up and the challenges of managing new friendships.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This marshmallow plush is too cute! The story behind the plush is intriguing and imaginative. Golden Bell Studios did a great job personifying a sweet and fluffy marshmallow guy!


Birth to Toddlers

Marshfellows by Golden Bell Studios Stuffimals

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