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DESCRIPTION: Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters have crashed on Earth! Rocky Meteor on the outside…intergalactic creatures on the inside! Crack open the meteor to discover which cool monster you have! When you’re ready to play, fill the meteor with the mystery color of genuine Mad Mattr and watch as a monster breaks out from its containment. Once the monster is out, watch it bust out over and over again. Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters are “intergalactic” collectible, 2-in-1 blind packs. Collectors can amass 8 cool monsters and 6 colors of genuine Mad Mattr—The Unbelievable Dough You Build With! Each Meteor Monster comes with a meteor shell, one monster, and 2oz of Mad Mattr. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the collectability craze and exciting blind packs, Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters are sure to thrill. It’s meteoric madness!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: We love Mad Mattr and now they've added a collectible component which makes for even more fun! It's easy to line the shell with the Mad Mattr dough and when the meteor is cracked open, a surprise creature breaks loose!


Elementary and up

Mad Mattr Meteor Monsters by Relevant Play

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