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The Race Car / Airplane Kit by Lux Blox is the perfect way for your child to enter the World of Lux. These one-of-a-kind patented pieces allow you to build anything your imagination can dream up. The durable building block pieces connect on all 4 sides allowing for more flexible builds, creating toys where any part can move. These amazing building toys are perfect for ages 7+. 120 Pieces Includes Instruction Book for Race Car and Airplane Red, White and Black Pieces, along with wheels and axles Airplane dimensions: 14" long, 18.5" wide and 6" tall Race car dimensions: 13" long, 7" wide, and 6" tall Build anything else too - infinite build possibilities! Kit includes enough pieces to construct one vehicle at a time Made, designed, packaged and shipped in America


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

It's really fun to see simple connectors become a large-scale model of a car or plane. Great for builders of all ages and the end result is VERY impressive!! Instructions are very well laid out and the pieces are durable and each to connect. Great activity for the entire family.


Elementary and up

Lux Race Car / Airplane 2-In-1 Kit by Lux Blox LLC

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