Most activities come to a screeching halt once the sun goes down. But, not anymore! Lumi-Niter ® keeps the fun going, long after dark to brighten your nights! A Lumi-Niter ® Disc kit comes with one- 10.75" Disc, plus 16 glowsticks. Both the Discs and glowsticks are available in 5 different colors, so kids can mix and match colors to create a cool, overhead kaleidoscope of color in the night sky. The Disc and glowsticks are waterproof and float! Perfect for windy conditions too. Elevate your fun at the beach, pool, camping excursion, college campus, concert, or next outdoor scouting adventure. The sky is the limit! Take a break from tablets and devices and keep the family outdoors, entertained, and active. Enhance your fun from dusk til dawn making memories with your friends, even invite the neighbors. The more the merrier! Transform the night with Lumi-Niter ®.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This is a classic toy with a twist! The use of glow sticks on the disc transforms the Lumi-Niter into an exciting prismatic display. Kids can experiment with different colored glow sticks to explore how the colors transform as they rotate in the air. The Lumi-Niter also encourages outdoor play and physical activity promoting the 60 minutes of unstructured play a day kids need to thrive!


Elementary and up

Lumi-Niter ® by Xtraordin Air Toys


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