Description: The Lullabuddy is a music player & Bluetooth speaker that comes pre-loaded with 2 hours of Mae Robertson's award winning lullabies and love songs. It comes with a shuffle button, a one-hour timer, and a mini USB cable for charging. When fully charged, it will play for up to 18 hours. The music was remastered specifically for the Lullabuddy and the sound is amazing. The speaker is also Bluetooth enabled so that other music can be played from a mobile device. Lullabuddy is simple to use - just press play. So simple that It can easily be turned on or off with one hand in a darkened nursery. The best thing about Lullabuddy is that parents love the music as well. It’s perfect for bedtime and nap-time of course, but it’s also great as a soundtrack for any time parents spend with their baby. They can turn off all the other distractions, turn on Lullabuddy, and just be together for a little while. The world is full of noise. Lullabuddy can help.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Love that this speaker comes loaded with lullabies! The music is so soothing and beautiful. The speaker is great for the entire family -- not just infants. It's become part of our bedtime ritual!


Ages: Birth to Toddlers

Lullabuddy by Lyric Partners