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Description: Kickstart your child’s path to reading with Bob Books® and VersaTiles®. Available in Sight Words, Beginner and Advanced Beginner, these sets are perfect for children to work on their reading skills. Alongside these books, children can practice the skills they are learning by doing VersaTiles® activities. This tried and true, puzzle-like practice system creates a hands-on way of reviewing what they are learning in their Bob Books®. Simply set up the answer case on top of the page in the book, and line the tiles up on top to start. Pick up each tile 1 - 8 and answer the question underneath it. Once each tile is placed, close the case, flip it over and see if the pattern matches what is on the bottom right corner of the workbook page. This practice is what helps children to comprehend what they are learning and gives them confidence in their reading abilities.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is a fun approach to learning how to read. The tiles add another dimension to learning and spatial skills are honed when self correcting by comparing the tile pattern.  


Ages: 3 to 6

Learn to Read With… Bob Books® and VersaTiles® by hand2mind®

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