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Description: LeapFrog's LF2936HD Smart Touch Screen Baby Monitor redefines baby care innovation. It offers 1080p HD video on the parent unit and LeapFrog Baby App, alleviating new parents' stress about their baby's sleep. The monitor provides calming sounds and lights to enhance the sleep environment. Unique features include free expert advice via the app, aiding baby growth. The 1080p HD touch screen and panoramic cameras offer a complete view, while the user-friendly LeapFrog Baby Care app ensures remote monitoring. Affordable and practical, it prioritizes safety and comfort, making parenting enjoyable and easier for all.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Leap Frog takes the lead with their innovative baby monitors. Clear images make it easy for parents to check-in, and the accompanying app comes with valuable parenting information. 

Age appropriateness:    Birth  to 5 years



LeapFrog LF2936HD Smart Video Baby Monitor

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