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Grammy Winner Steve Pullara's music and topics have that unique quality of crossover appeal to many ages of children within any family. This new Children’s Album Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair is no exception. The songs and narrative collection in his new album pushes the envelope. Within the tracks of this unique recording, Steve illustrates a special needs child enjoying a Summer vacation. These recordings are imaginative, spirited, life-affirming and positive. They highlight a typical day through a child’s eye in a wheelchair while they are spending time with their family, pets and friends. Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair introduces you to a new friend named Jamey who loves his cat and new energetic puppy. Even though getting around in his wheelchair might have its challenges, Jamey shows us just how much fun a Summer can be with his family and friends. He plays at the park, splashes in a pool, goes whale watching, makes a new friend and catches fireflies too!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Clever lyrics, great melodies! This album tells a story from a child in a wheelchair’s point of view and will resonate with kids of ALL abilities. Super uplifting. Bravo to the band!


Elementary and up





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