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Kite Flying is a Breeze with Tucker Toys' Kite-A-Pult. The Kite-A-Pult is a self-launching kite flying system! No more running around in circles or needing another person's help to get your kite off the ground. The new Kite-A-Pult launches a kite in the sky and you'll be flying it up, up and away in no time. The portable Kite-A-Pult hand-launcher makes it easy to pull back then rocket the kite into the air to catch the wind. Not only is the Kite-A-Pult the most innovative and exciting kite out there, but it also doubles as a Glider! Its two toys in one and comes in three super colorful designs.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

The Kite-a-Pult is for ages 10+ and it delivers. Often, 10+ toys can still seem a bit juvenile, but this activity gives kids the opportunity to not only practice repetition, patience and accomplish lift off, but also be rewarded and recognized for their efforts. The company also helps kids set goals with the number of glider flights and kite launches before they can be recognized for their achievements. This is a great incentive for kids to repeat until they achieve!

I love that this is a twist on a traditional toy--everyone remembers flying a kite as a kid. This one requires no running to get the kite up in the air!



Elementary and up


Kite-A-Pult by Tucker Toys

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