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Description: A super fun family card game with crazy questions and hilarious answers. Includes fun twists that include singing, doing impressions, telling stories, while blank answer cards lets players creatively author their own answer.The main concept of Kids Create Absurdity is to give families, like ours, a game they can play together, from the ages of six to ninety-nine. Where everyone can let loose, dance and have fun, but more importantly where they can interact with each other in a world where technology is changing how families socialize. Kids Create Absurdity enables confidence building through storytelling, creative thinking and performance it will reintroduce the bond between families. It is a game that will build self esteem and social skills for all generations. Along with lots of laughter.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great:

This is a really fun card game that you can take on the go. The absurd card combos that players create are hilarious and encourage silliness! Perfect for family game night and camping trips. My extended family has even come up with a modified version for Zoom calls. 


Ages 7+

Kids Create Absurdity

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