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JIMU Astrobot by UBTECH Robotics is a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots. The company’s interactive robots serve the public, accelerate STEM education for children and assist & entertain in the home. Integrating UBTECH robots into our daily lives enhances how we live, work, learn, and play.


The UBTECH Jimu Robot AstroBot Kit gives you everything you need to build three different robots—AstroBot, Rover, and Astron—or to invent your own robot design using the app on your iPhone or iPad. The bots travel on treads or walk on "feet", and each has an infrared sensor that allows it to detect and pick up objects. There are also LED flashing lights for expressing emotions, and a speaker that lets you play music or program sound effects for each robot. The free Jimu app offers step-by-step 3D, 360-degree animated building instructions. It also lets you easily use Blockly coding to build and then program AstroBot to do almost anything.


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This is one of the most professional STEM toys I've seen on the market. It's very detailed and sophisticated and will challenge a child who loves to build and code. The quality and professional feel make it worth the splurge!


Ages: 8 and up

JIMU Astrobot by UBTECH Robotics

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