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Janod Baby Forest Train keeps a preschooler busy and active for hours! When assembled, and connected the all wooden mini choo-choo measures 10.5 (26cm.) long and approx. 3.5in. (9cm.) tall with fully stacked blocks. Each car is about 4in. long by 1in. tall and has 4 wheels, and the lead car has a 19in. (48cm.) rope. Colorful blocks feature pieces to build a locomotive, cargo and 3 baby animals who can ride from room to room with your little engineer. Includes 3 cars and 14 blocks. Recommended for children 1 year of age and older.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Vroom, vroom! This adorable wooden train is fun and easy to assemble for toddlers who are fine-tuning their fine motor skills. The patterns and designs make the finished product a piece of work ... so lovely, you'll want to display instead of put away!


Birth to Toddlers



Janod Baby Forest Train by ALEX Brands

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