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Description: Broadway/TV actress and singer Rena Strober is joined by friends Jason Alexander, French Stewart and the DOTZ blind children's choir to celebrate the classic music from Sesame Street! These are all songs written by Joe Raposo & Jeff Moss. Some favorites include Sing, Being Green, Believe in Yourself, Somebody Come and Play and so many more.


This album has set out to remind all of us, to no matter who we are and what are abilities or disabilities are, that we're all AWESOME! A portion of the proceeds are going to Guide Dogs of America and Gavin's Groupies.


The 14 tracks are available for digital download on all sites that sell digital music along with Band Camp. You can also order a hard copy CD on Band camp. The booklet title is in Braille!


Price: Digital $9.99 CD $14.99 (Portion of all sales goes to Guide Dogs of America)


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: This is a CD that should be in heavy rotation in homes everywhere! Parents will love it for its nostalgia factor, taking us back to our childhood living rooms, watching our beloved Sesame Street. TV and Broadway actress and singer Rena Strober is the creative force behind this project. Guest singers include her dear friends: Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), French Stewart (MOM & 3rd Rock from the Sun), Michael-Leon Wooley (Princess & the Frog) and the amazing voices of DOTZ, the Blind Children's Choir from Los Angeles.


Every song is uplifting and beautifully sung. Your kids will wonder why you’re bursting into tears after hearing the opening songs, “Somebody Come and Play” and “Sing,” and then again when the album closes with “One Small Voice.” The entire album evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling, prompting listeners to hit that repeat button.


This album has become the Hot Diggity Awards’ favorite kids’ music submission of the year!


Ages: For the entire family.

Imagine That! The Sesame Street Music of Joe Raposo & Jeff Moss

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