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The world’s most adjustable high back weighs less than 10 pounds and can be folded and tucked into a storage bag or slung over a shoulder by the built-in carry strap for ultimate mobility. No more worries about the quick taxi ride with the kids or the Saturday soccer carpool, you can easily carry hifold from car to car. Safety, comfort and peace-of-mind are folded into every booster seat! Choose Racing Red™ or Slate Grey™.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: 

Finally a booster that accommodates kids of all sizes! I've never felt 100% confident using the traditional booster base by itself. This booster grows with the child in both height and width, providing protection from all angles! It's easy to adjust and I love how it folds into a compact easy-to-transport bundle. 


Ages: For kids 33-100 lbs. & 3’-4’9” tall.

hifold by mifold

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