Description: Learn about the science of the human body while examining fingerprints, using a stethoscope to hear a heartbeat, making a slimy model of blood, and more with Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab by hand2mind. The 36-page, illustrated storybook and activity guide includes 10 STEM-based activities.


Product Perks:


  • Learn how your body works by following exciting, step-by-step experiments
  • Examine real-world tools that are used by health professionals around the world
  • Deepen understanding of abstract human biology concepts like heartbeat, circulation and digestion


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: Three words: Real. Working. Stethoscope. This kit was so much fun and a wonderful lesson on the human body. The book was filled with a ton of useful information and the projects were engaging and educational. The slime experiment explained the make up of blood extremely well using effective visuals, and it was interesting to see the patterns of our finger (and toe) prints. We had a blast with the stethoscope, checking the heart rate of everyone in our family, including our two unsuspecting -- yet cooperative -- dogs. This one's a winner. 


Ages 5+

Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab