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HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience. The gloves are hypoallergenic and won't pull or rip your pet's hair out during grooming/bathing sessions. Your pets will enjoy the massage time, creating a better bonding experience between humans and our furry friends. Winner of SuperZoo's 2017 Best Grooming Product Award.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great: 

These gloves are great for pets who don't like the abrasiveness of metal combs or grooming tools. My dog won't let me near her with a brush, but will allow me to "pet" her with the HandsOn Gloves. The gloves allow you to hold your pup in place easily during grooming or bathing and the hair falls off the gloves for quick clean up.



HandsOn Gloves by HandsOn Equine, LLC

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