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Description: Ever wonder what happens to those little items that go missing? Now’s your chance to find out and maybe get some things back when Grouch Couch spits out Lost Goodies! Take turns feeding Grouch Couch all kinds of tasty treats. Then press the remote-control and see what happens. He might grumble, chomp, burp and (hopefully) eat your treats! When he does, he’ll spit out Lost Goodies. You’ll want to collect these because the player with the most Lost Goodies when Grouch Couch plays his victory song, wins! Requires 3 x AAA batteries.


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:  I wish I got treats for all the things I find in between my couch cushions! This is a fun and quick game for little ones with an element of surprise. The concept of a grouchy couch gobbling up items is so clever and is executed very well! Rules are easy to follow, and no reading is necessary. 


Ages 5+

Grouch Couch

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