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DESCRIPTION: Unleash your warrior at your next birthday party, sleepover or group gathering with an epic glow-in-the-dark sword fight! Players arm themselves with (harmless) foam weapons then face off with one another in games like Knights of Old, Gladiators—or make up your own!


Designed for players ages 8 and up, each set includes 10 light up foam weapons. For 2-20 players, this kit includes all the lights and batteries you'll need for a dozen or more games:10 Weapons of Light, 10 Glow Wristbands, 8 Regeneration Station Markers, 10 Gameplay Option Cards and Illustrated Instructions. All batteries included and replaceable.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: This game will get your family outside and active when the sun goes down. Recommended in an open space, free of obstacles for safety reasons. 

Glow Battle by Starlux Games

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