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Go for a friendly spin with the GearZooz™ GearBuddies Lion & Mouse™. Connect the Smart Gear™ mouse and turn the handle to watch the gears spin! Placing the mouse on the lion’s back triggers fun phrases and stories. Turn the handle gear to hear a melody, then turn the handle faster and faster to speed up the melody! Press the light-up button to hear fun stories, or roll the lion to hear playful sing-along songs. Then, mix and match with other GearZooz™ playsets (sold separately) for more gear-rific fun!


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Anything with gears is a hit in our home! This toy teaches cause and effect and fine motor skills, while entertaining with songs and phrases. I love how it integrates with other VTech gear toys (of which we have many!). It's also the perfect size to take on the road.


Ages: Birth to Preschool

GearZooz™ GearBuddies Lion & Mouse™ by VTech

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