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Flavorit™ chews are durable, great smelling and have tiny flavor cells that you can fill with peanut butter, cheese or your dog’s favorite spread. The flavor cells hold just enough to lure your dog to chew, but very few calories. You can add a different ingredient to each side to really make things interesting! What could be more awesome than a chicken flavored bone with peanut butter on one side and cheese on the other? Yes drooling now! Flavorit™ chews are infused with human-grade flavorings you can smell right through the package. It’s a delicious smelling bone your dog will love even without an additional spread! Made in USA. Dishwasher safe. No mess thanks to concave design. Comes in 4 sizes and 7 different flavors – chicken, sweet potato, peanut butter, mint, bacon, berry and bubblegum. Choose nylon for aggressive chewers and flex for moderate chewers.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

The "flavor cells" are such a great idea. It's a clever way to give your dog a little treat without it being too excessive. It kept her occupied for a long time without frustrating her like some of the other products in the market. It's a great bone on its own, too. The smell is pleasant for us humans -- not too strong or odorous -- and it's extremely durable.


Price: $4.99 - 11.99. Small - $4.99, Medium - $7.99, Large - $9.99, X-Large - $11.99

Flavorit™ Bone Dog Chews by Pet Qwerks, Inc.

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