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Description: Fit Heroes: A Fitness Adventure Game for Kids is a high-action card game that gets kids active and learning! Players go on a thrilling adventure with the Fit Heroes characters, earning points as they protect the planet from the villains of G.L.U.E., by doing superhero actions, exercises, and other exciting challenges to win the game. Bold-colored, interactive playing cards engage children, both physically and mentally. The game is easy-to-learn, simple to play, and has strategic variations that make it fun for all ages.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Fit heroes the card game combines imaginative play with active play. The cards come in a sturdy box and are beautifully illustrated. Each card tells an imaginative story and prompts the player or players to perform a physical activity such as jump, spin, stretch, or balance. The game has many variations and can be tailored for all abilities.


Ages 5-10

Fit Heroes: A Fitness Adventure Game for Kids

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