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Description: Join the Super Squad to Resolve Social Dilemmas by Defending the City of Empathropolis™ against the Evil Villain Goobi!


Empower Empathy™ is a fun cooperative board game that includes a guidebook for teachers and parents to teach children socialization skills, emotional awareness, and the power of empathy.


  • Step into 160+ unique City Watch™ Scenarios to be mindful of thoughts, feelings, and actions


  • Master emotional awareness with 28 different Feeling Cards


  • Sharpen communication through self-reflection with 80+ Power Up™ cards


  • Exercise Empathy everyday with 48 pages of easy-to-use evidence-based Exploration Guidebook


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This beautifully illustrated board game helps children and grown-ups sharpen their emotional intelligence through communication, acting, and role-playing. The guidebook is thorough and chock full of tips on developing compassion and assisting children in navigating through difficult situations. The cooperative play aspect of the game builds team skills as players join forces to defeat Goobi, the villain.

For ages 5+

Empower Empathy

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