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The E-Z Grip® Flexi Disc is one of Tucker Toys' most versatile active toy products. It’s a durable, bendable throwing disc made with a rubberized pattern surrounding water-resistant nylon. Fold it up. Stick it in your pocket. Take it with you because the E-Z Grip® Flexi Disc’s lightweight, super grip pliability makes is fun for all ages to play indoor or outdoor, anywhere and everywhere you go.


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

For the people who have a hard time with the concept, "It's all in the wrist," -- AKA me -- The E-Z Grip® Flexi Disc makes slinging discs successful, easy and fun. The disc glides effortlessly through the air and its lightweight design and rubber perimeter make it easy to catch.


Ages Preschool and up


E-Z Grip® Flexi Disc by Tucker Toys

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