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It's not just a football, it’s the whole football game! The flag is attached to the ball! Playing a game of flag football has never been so E-Z, thanks to Tucker Toys’ new E-Z Grip® Flag Football set. No need to spend a fortune on belts or finding rags for flags. Tucker Toys figured out an E-Z-ier way. They attached the flag right to the ball! Ingenious! One ball; One flag; And any number of kids now have all of the equipment they need to transform a backyard into a full-fledged flag football game. The set includes a full-sized E-Z Grip® Football with a Velcro® attached flag that rips from the ball to end each down. The E-Z Grip surface of the football allows for E-Z spiral passes, kicks, and catches. The ball and flag are soft, durable, and waterproof for active play that is perfect for any weather. It’s also great for teaching young quarterbacks and receivers how to master accurate throws and sure-handed catches!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This is a perfect "first football" for younger children. It's easy to throw and catch and simplifies the game of flag football by having the flags affixed to the ball rather than the player's waist.


Elementary and up

E-Z Grip® Flag Football set by Tucker Toys

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