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Circuit Blox - 395 is an educational construction toy product that teaches the fundamentals of STEM through building electronic circuits with patented LegoTM Duplo type parts that are embedded with electronic components. There is a manual with 395 projects showing how to build circuits that do fun things like spin a motor that launches a fan, make sirens and space battle sounds, play music, light a fiber tree or even build an FM radio. The project descriptions not only explain how to build and operate the circuit, but also discuss STEM related aspects of how the circuit works and how it applies to real world applications. With Circuit Blox - 395, kids will learn about motors, switches, speakers, resistors, capacitors, transistors, photo-resistors, amplifiers, FM radio transmission, integrated circuits, LEDs and more. All while having tons of fun creating their own cool circuits that do fun things. And best of all, the parts in Circuit Blox - 395 are 100% natively compatible with LegosTM and other similar types of construction bricks. So you can integrate your favorite circuits into your LegoTM builds. The play possibilities are endless with Circuit Blox - 395.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Learning about circuits and paths of electricity is made easy with Circuit Blox! My not-so-crazy-about-science daughter really enjoyed testing this toy and seeing her creations come to life. It was a rewarding experience for her and gave her a new perspective on STEM.


Elementary and up





E-Blox Circuit Blox - 395

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