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Description: Gallop into new adventures with DreamWorks Animation Television's Spirit Riding Free Spirit and Hacheta Sounds & Action Horses! Spirit and Hacheta feature realistic horse sounds and movements! Pet Spirit or Hacheta on the muzzle and they will really respond to your touch with sound effects! Press the button on Spirit’s or Hacheta’s back for them to stamp their front legs. Spirit and Hacheta can also be posed to rear up on their hind legs! They feature a rooted mane that is perfect for brushing and styling and comes with fun accessories to help inspire imaginative play! The full set includes: one Spirit horse or Hacheta horse with realistic sounds and movement, two hair accessories, one grooming brush, one winner’s ribbon, and one championship trophy.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: My kids love this show so there is a special place in our hearts for Spirit and Hacheta! The miniature accessories add to the play experience.


Ages: Preschool and up

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit Sounds and Action Horse Assortments

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