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Description: It's time to go back to the land before time… with Smashers Series 3 DINO! Explore the Jurassic world of the wackiest Dinosaurs you'll ever meet Unwrap the shrink-wrap and smash open the giant egg! Use the scratch n’ reveal map to start your journey and discover clues to find the fossils inside! Includes Epic dino egg, dino scratch map, dino yolk egg bag, 5 compounds, digging tool, exclusive smash-o-saur, 6x smash eggs and smash egg rebuilder for tons more dino fun!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: HUGE value to this toy. Break open the gigantic egg and find several activities inside. Excavate bones from various activities to build a dinosaur, then smash the little eggs to reveal more surprises.


Ages: 5+

Dino Smashers Epic Egg by ZURU Toys

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