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Description: Inspired by Montessori principles,  Counting Ladybugs - Montessori Counting Toys for Toddlers by La-la-llama help toddlers understand foundational math skills, including counting and number recognition. Stored in their own felt jar, each of the 11 wooden bugs has the number of spots that match the figure on its underside.Proving that counting toys for toddlers can be loads of fun. Kids learn the numbers 0-10 and can also play counting and math games. Designed to be tactile and fun, the felt jar provides a fun home for the bugs, encouraging imaginative play as well as fine motor skills.


These Montessori toys for 3-year-olds and up are made from child-friendly natural materials. The 11 ladybug toys are made from natural wood with child-safe paint. The carrying jar is made of thick, soft felt with detachable flowers, sturdy zip, and an adjustable shoulder strap.Designed by parents, La-la-llama toys have educational values at their core. This cute counting set has been created to encourage hands-on learning, helping little kids build solid foundations for advanced math skills as they practice counting and play simple math games.


What. makes it Hot Diggity great: Little wooden ladybugs make counting fun! With numbers on one side and dots on the other, preschoolers can learn to identify numbers and count. As learning progresses, kids can grab two ladybugs from the adorable carrying case, add the numbers, and independently check their math by counting the dots.


Ages 3+

Counting Ladybugs

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