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Life in the Coral Reef is the challenge to find the creatures hiding in the ocean as the game expands with every turn. Players use logic and memory skills in a friendly competition in an enchanting colorful coral reef theme. To play Coral Reef, players first decide on which of the double-sided puzzle piece game board will be played. The pieces, each featuring multiple creatures and familiar undersea characteristics are randomly assembled. Each player takes two creature cards from the pile of 50 and then try to match the creatures on the cards to the images on the game board. Whoever successfully wins the round is rewarded with an animal figurine. The first player to acquire five figurines wins. With two levels of play and players having control over the expansion of the puzzle-like game board, the coral reef becomes a fun new challenge every time it's played.


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

This game is simple to play and fun for the entire family! The board is different each time, so finding the creatures of the coral reef isn't as easy as you might think! The game pieces are beautifully illustrated and are sturdy for years of use.


Preschool and up


Coral Reef by Tactic Games

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