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Looking for a new twist on the classic game of dodgeball? Gather up two to six players and hand out two wristbands of the same color. Players circle-up while one player rolls the dice ball. The player wearing the colored wrist bands that match the color on the dice ball -- as it comes to rest -- is the thrower for that turn. As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wrist band to the thrower. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband. The first person to get all the wristbands wins the game! Scatter Dodgeball encompasses this mission perfectly by getting youngsters moving, smiling and most important, just being a kid!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

A comeback on a classic! Dodgeball is an age old game that every kid and adult has (or should have) played. This version adds a cognitive twist on the physical game of dodging balls. Will you be the next person up to throw the ball at your opponents? Providing each player with wrist bands and including a dice to decide the fate of the person throwing the ball shakes up the game for the "ball hogs." The best part? The folks at COOP Sports designed a "no-sting" ball with soft padding, officially taking Dodgeball off the list of "cruel and unusual punishment" playground games!


Elementary and up

COOP Scatter Dodgeball by COOP Sports

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