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Description: What youngster doesn’t like candy? This beginners board game entices kids to roll the dice, move their token a space or two at a time, and aim for the chance to be declared the winner. Basic reading and math can be supported by a parent or older sibling. Inside the candy-inspired game box, you'll find 6-character tokens, 35-Candy cards, 21-Mystery cards, 21-Super cards, sturdy board game, and dice. Choose your token from Kool Kyle, Excited Emma, and Silly Sarah to Nice Noah, Happy Hannah, or Shy Steve. With a nod to her little brothers, the 10-year-old game inventor wrote the rules for the youngest member of the family to go first!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: What a fun and clever board game invented by a 10-year-old! We were so impressed by the quality and entertainment value. Hones basic math skills and encourages sportsmanship. We added our own twist to the game with a dish of peanut butter cups for the winner of each round! 


For ages 5 and up

Candy Collections!

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