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Camping With Dads by Peter Alsop by Moose School Productions


Description: A folk-story-song album that helps dads raise their sons' awareness of the need to respect sisters, mothers, daughters - and themselves. Produced like a "radio theater" show, delightful and enlightening songs range from Appalachian mountain dulcimer through ukulele to church piano, Afro-chic, and good-timey, wooden spoon, womp-de-womp-bom guitar slammin' fun. Laugh, argue, and sing along with the Dads and kids as the audio camping trip unfolds. Peter Alsop's 10th family album is quirky, relevant, and insightful, layered with masterful humor throughout.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Another award-winning CD by favorite children's artist, Peter Alsop. The CD is packed with fun, musically diverse songs that are sung by adults and kids. In between tracks are imaginative vignettes that take the listeners on an exciting adventure with Peter and friends. The underlying message about inclusion is a welcome one! 


Ages 5 to 12

Camping With Dads by Peter Alsop

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