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To celebrate 50 years, Insect Lore has created the Butterfly Farm! Watch as 5 tiny larvae embark upon their remarkable journey from caterpillar to butterfly. Insect Lore’s reliable biology ensures your children will enjoy a rewarding and memorable learning experience. Insect Lore's Butterfly Farm kit introduces children and adults to the fascinating world of Metamorphosis! Helpful tips and accessories make learning a complex process simpler and easier than ever! Transform your view of the natural world by witnessing one of nature's most incredible phenomena right at your fingertips as caterpillars eat grow and transform into adult butterflies! Butterfly Farm brings family together as they raise & release their very own insect friends! Connect your children to nature and give them an appreciation for the outside world that they will never forget! Butterfly Farm includes a Pop-up habitat with ultra-clear panel ideal for viewing Painted Lady butterflies and Tuck away panel on habitat showing all 4 stages of metamorphosis, along with a voucher to redeem 5 baby caterpillars with all the food they need. There is also the LIVE version of the Butterfly Farm for those who are ready to start this project NOW!


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

I remember doing this activity as a child and it's stayed with me forever! It's pure joy seeing caterpillars go through their stages of life and transform into butterflies. Insect Lore makes it easy to order the caterpillars -- which arrived safe and sound -- and the steps are so easy to follow. Great for in-home learning and classroom learning.


Additional comments from our testers:


I think this is a fabulous product to teach kids about life cycles and nature.


Kids may see butterflies in nature and think about their experience of creating a home for their caterpillars and understand how that actually works in nature. They may even see caterpillars/chrysalis in the real world and be able to tell their friends not to touch it because a butterfly is in the making!


Teaches kids responsibility because they do need to maintain the habitat and feed the caterpillars.


This is a great way to teach kids about delayed gratification. Understanding when you are patient what can happen as the outcome.


Directions are easy to understand and are not complicated.


This kit ignites curiosity and imagination.


Understanding the butterfly metamorphosis can add literacy connections. There are lots of “big” words like metamorphosis and chrysalis that can be introduced to kids during this process!


Butterfly Farm by Insect Lore

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