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Description: Cozy up and learn with the Bright™ Basics Snuggly. Designed to help reinforce bedtime routines for little ones, this sweet spin on a bedtime story will capture their minds and their hearts. With six story-time pockets and six plush animals, kids can tuck each animal in to its respective habitat to put it to bed. When they’re tucked in, it’s time for your little one to drift off to dreamland too! This cuddly toy teaches color and shape matching while serving as a sleep training reinforcement! A wonderful opportunity for parent-child bonding. Includes a bedtime story book and parent activity guide.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is just what we needed for our bedtime ritual. We tuck in our friends, on at a time and it's something we really look forward to every night. The stories are sweet and the graphics are absolutely adorable!


Ages: 2 to 4

Bright Basics™ Snuggly by Educational Insights

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