BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is a dynamic, family-friendly matching game with an explosive twist! THE MISSION: Ignite as many matches as you can by using special action cards, strategy, your memory, and a little bit of luck. THE TWIST: The cards in the matchbox are always changing, and sometimes everything explodes! Players must use some quick thinking as they race against the timer, a little mental math as they ignite matches, and then hope that they get to say, "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!" BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is simple enough for children, but also tons of fun for adults. It's the perfect STEM (simple mental math) game for kids and elementary schools, while still providing excitement for all ages. Watch the 3-minute demo video on to learn how to play! Note: The recommended age is 8+ because there are "multiply by 2" and "divide by 2" cards in the deck; however, to play with younger players, simply remove those cards from the deck (or, you can quickly teach the younger kids how to multiply and divide by 2!)


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

This is an easy card game to set up and learn. Combines memory skills, simple math, and strategic thinking. The object of the game and the rules are very straight forward, making it easy to play straight away. This game is definitely in heavy rotation on family card game night!


Played with five kids between the ages of 8 and 10 years old plus me totaling six players, which is the max for the game. Overall, fun game! The kids really enjoyed it.


Great skill building here on math concepts -- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Memory comes into play on the board made of cards.


The game promised memory, luck and some strategy—they delivered!