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Description: A complete, build it yourself DIY computer kit for kids, with a particular emphasis on connecting girls with computer science and engineering.


Kid-friendly and easy to use, with the Boolean Box kit we engage the child, inspire them to create, find creative solutions and develop critical thinking skills. Its design was crowdsourced through thousands of girls participating in Boolean Girl summer camps and school programs and is perfect for anyone interested in STEM / STEAM subjects. With a focus on play and discovery, Boolean Box will grow with the child and offers increasingly sophisticated projects as their skills progress.


Be up and running in minutes. There is no steep learning curve that can lead to frustration, boredom and disillusionment. Drag and drop code with Scratch to build games, tell stories and create animated adventures. Draw your own characters; you are limited only by imagination. Learn the Python coding language or build electrical gadgets using the Raspberry Pi.


The Boolean Box allows you to start where you are comfortable and progress at your pace. No internet connection is required, although it is available if you choose to use it. The kit is complete with everything needed to build a fully functioning computer.


Why it's Hot Diggity Great: This is a great complement to what my daughter has been learning in school and I'm excited to finally learn about coding. Very intuitive and easy to set up (we referred to their very helpful videos) and we were coding instantly! Looking forward to the more in-depth activities Boolean Box has to offer! A wonderful educational tool while sheltering in place.


Ages 8-88 years

Boolean Box

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