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Description: Bold Made is a remake of the classic game Old Maid but without the sexism of avoiding the older woman deemed too old to marry.


Bold Made flips the script on this outdated game and includes bold women who made huge impacts on our world and has a more aspirational goal of ending the game with the Bold Made card.


Bold Made soared on Kickstarter, surpassing the initial goal by 17700%! The basic gameplay is easy to master but the Action Cards shift the game into unpredictable territory. Exciting up to the very last card! Alex co-created Bold Made with his mom at age 9 made it great for kids and adults alike! Ideal for ages from 3-100. Takes only a few minutes to learn. Gameplay runs 10-15 minutes. Optimal for 2-4 players.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: One word: PROGRESS! Finally an updated version of a childhood classic that celebrates strong, impactful women; and the fact that it was invented by a child ... so impressive! The deck includes Bold Made cards you can customize so you can personalize the game by including a grandmother, aunt or personal hero. The game comes with a booklet that highlights each woman featured on the cards, which was really fun to read as we played. 


Ages 3 and up

Bold Made Card Game

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