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The Sönik is a battery powered toothbrush with soft vibrations, a tiny brush head, and soft bristles. Ideal for keeping baby teeth and gums clean, it features an easy grip handle and an LED light that keeps baby entertained while you brush her teeth. The toothbrush pulses every 30 seconds and shuts off after two minutes. Safe to use (even on newborns), it includes 2 brush heads (baby and toddler). The dimensions (inches) are 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.6. 


Ages: Birth to toddlers


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

This is a really great price point for a battery powered toothbrush. The bristles are soft and the brushes are the perfect size for a baby and toddler. The pulse at :30 is really helpful to make sure your brushing is thorough. 

bblüv 2 Stage Sonic Toothbrush

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