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Description: The GeoForge Dragonoid features six exclusive individual Geogan, an exclusive True Metal diecast Dragonoid, six ability cards, two BakuCores, a Gate-Card, and a character card. Combine the six Geogan and die-cast Bakugan together to build the ultimate GeoForge Dragonoid. It’s the most epic transformation! Face off against your friends with seven exclusive Bakugan characters: Dragonoid, Titan King, Stingzer, Talan, Montrapod, Arachnia, and Arcleon. Drop a Geogan onto a Gate-Card and watch as it pops open from its unique shape into a fierce creature.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: These fearless Bakugan fighters come together to build the all mighty GeoForge Dragonoid! Assembly is easy and the pieces fit together nicely. Playing cards add another dimension to exciting imaginative play. 


Ages: 6+

Bakugan GeoForge Dragonoid

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