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The first water-activated transforming dive toy, Aqualiens come alive from a pod into a shark or seahorse as they fall through the water! Simply toss the pod into the water to see it morph into a sea creature. These transforming dive toys are great for everyday fun at the pool, entertaining kids at pool parties and for encouraging kids during swim training practice. Available in bright colors and sold individually. Assortment includes 2 sharks (blue and red) and 2 seahorses (pink and aqua).


What makes it Hot Diggity Great:

What kid doesn't like a water toy? And a water toy that transforms into something else?


Great for the pool, bathtub or some backyard fun in the sun.


This could be a great tool to help kids put their face under the water and learn to hold their breath for swimming in the pool, lake or ocean.


Ages: Preschool and up

Aqualiens™ Transforming Sea Creatures™ by SwimWays Corporation

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