Description: Alien8 by PBNJ Games is a mathematical game of alien addition and space subtraction. Add your alien totals to score a 51, an Area 51 that is! Rocket reversals, space walks, and asteroid strikes may help or hurt, but stay the course and complete your quest to keep your stars!


  • Colorful, cute cards (72 superior smooth cards) with bright, loveable illustrations
  • 2-4 players Ages 7+
  • Excellent subtraction and addition practice while having fun!
  • Different play with every game!
  • Loved by children and adults alike!
  • The perfect gift for classrooms, kids, and parents.


What makes it Hot Diggity great: Simple yet fun card game that helps hone math skills. Very similar to 99 (Ninety Nine), but easier to remember the special value cards as they are clearly labeled.