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Description: Miss Kim's Children's Music created a fun, catchy and memorable album of songs for pre-school children to learn the sounds of the ABCs.  This album has 26 one minute songs that practice each sound 8-12 times.  There are also eight words in each song with the letters sounds as examples. The vowels showcase the long and short vowel sound and the consonants contain just the main sound.   This product is the first album in a series of songs that will help to pronounce and learn the letters of the ABCs.  Miss Kim is putting the Fun back in the Fundamentals!


What makes it Hot Diggity great: This is an innovative concept for a children’s album. Each letter song has the same melody providing young listeners with familiarity. The lyrics are clever, teaches pronunciation and gives examples of words that start with each letter.


Ages: 2-6

ABCs Singing the Sounds

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