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Surprise…it’s 5 SURPRISE™! This new collectible line from ZURU harnesses the anticipation and excitement of “unboxing” a surprise combined with the addictiveness of collectables. Unwrap, peel, reveal! Kids will love opening their 5 SURPRISE capsules almost as much as the toys inside. Wave 1 will feature over 300 toys in pink and blue capsules with additional waves introducing hundreds of new toys. There are five different themed segments with a HUGE range of boys and girls toys, resulting in thousands of combinations of surprise toys, making 5 SURPRISE the coolest, most unique capsules ever! Parents will also love the value of getting five toys in one purchase!


What Makes it Hot Diggity Great:

Five "reveals" in one! Kids who love unboxing and blind bags will absolutely LOVE 5 Surprise. Each wedge contains a surprise collectible, over 300 to collect in all. Everyone loves a blind bag, but with 5 Surprise, the packaging is just as fun as the items inside!


Preschool/Kindergarten and up


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