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• 3UP 3DOWN is a fast-paced, family-friendly discard game with a surprising finish!


• THE GOAL: Get rid of your cards before your family and friends


• THE SURPRISE: Three cards are not revealed until the very end - so you will need both strategy and luck


• Fun for kids and adults | 2-6 players/deck | Ages 7+ | 3-minutes to learn - just watch the 3-minute demo video on | 10 minutes (or less) to play


Playing 3UP 3DOWN provides a chance for elementary-age students to practice their newly-acquired counting skills while also having a blast. The best kind of learning is “stealth learning,” when kids are having so much fun playing that they are unaware they are learning at the same time! Concepts like greater than or equal to are used while picking up or discarding cards numbered “1” through “10.” And, because of some luck-based elements, you never know who will win! Kids and adults alike love 3UP 3DOWN!


Note: While the game is recommended for ages seven and up, 3UP 3DOWN is a great way for children to learn their numbers (and can be played by children younger than seven).


What makes it Hot Diggity great:

This card game is a lot of fun! Once we got the hang of it, the pace really picked up and cards were flying! There's a strategy behind the game, but at the very end, it's all about luck, leveling the playing field. Variations of play are included in the instructions, making the game harder (or easier) for players.


Very easy to learn and play immediately! Fun for all ages—not just in the age range of 7+ year olds.


It gets kids using their hand-eye coordination, social skills, sportsmanship and more


This game is a tiny bit strategy and quite a bit of luck, in my opinion (which I like!)


You don’t have to fully pay attention, you could socialize too while you play and not completely lose your chance at winning the game.


The game play itself is fast so you can play over and over without dedicating too much time to getting involved in another round of the game.

3UP 3DOWN card game by Ok2Win

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